Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.


June 2016


Heart pulsating with anxiety, paroxysm of adrenaline rushing through my bloodstream, beads of sweats rolling down my head. I walked to her table, still reciting my line from last night in my head, hoping this would work. "Ermm... Bacon..." She... Continue Reading →



The exponential growth of the population of humans is directly proportional to the enhancement of Science and technology which could stimulate the furtherance of the quality of life for humans. The modernization of the world ushered in an assortment of... Continue Reading →


The most fundamentally established institution is the family which consists of the father as the captain, the mother as the catalyst and the supporter, the children as the ones who ceaselessly promulgated joy to the family. However, the roller-coaster ride... Continue Reading →


Negaraku Tanah tumpahnya darahku For my nation, Malaysia, I am willing to shed my blood or sacrifice my life to protect my country. This is the original intrinsic value of these verses depicted in the national anthem of Malaysia. However, the context... Continue Reading →

Little Insight

Humans could easily lose themselves when getting plaudits because of the secretion of dopamine which is akin to the reward system of our body. It is inevitable but if we could control those secretions we would be standing on a higher ground... Continue Reading →


Since time immemorial, humans live together in a congregation or a group to be dependent on each other to sustain the life force of our species. A diversity of species also live in groups such as fishes, elephants, zebras, lions... Continue Reading →

Impetuous Move

Humans are governed by their emotions and their feelings. Those who are capable of dominating their actions by not getting affected by their emotions are the ones who would make wise decisions and nullify unwarranted problems. Cogitation is laudable before making... Continue Reading →


Some countries in this world has four seasons due to its geographical position; the north pole and south pole are polar opposite but they experience the same seasons just in different periods of the year; the countries at the Oceania... Continue Reading →

My Dream

Hope is one of  the few aspects which I cling on to carry on my life. Without hope, humanity are tantamount to sail in a sea without shores and often drive themselves to nowhere thus wasting their time and their... Continue Reading →

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