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July 2016

Choir Life. The End.

Mesmerised by the clear blue sky, without a speck of cloud, letting the run radiated its light unto the school. Standing near to the choir room, waiting for my last practice with the bunch of awesome choir members. The wrenching... Continue Reading →



Black and white keys, Major and minor, Chords and scales, Crescendo and decrescendo, Resonance and dissonance, All of these dance together gracefully Accentuating the colours of playing piano. To enthrall the fascination of music, We must be the music. It... Continue Reading →

Update and Appreciation

Tweeentyyy-ooonnneee This is another one of my favourite numbers because of the sound of the number and its one of the many multiples of number seven. Vanossgaming is the youtube channel which captivated me to like this number because of... Continue Reading →

Polar Opposites

Useless piece of trash. Always dreaming of being the best but not doing jack shit about it. There are mountains higher than you imagined. These inferior thoughts intermittently hindered my cognitive senses due to the failure during the Maths competition... Continue Reading →


Adversities are inevitable in life, we must face them either we like it or not. The challenges which are imposed across our life journey act as a catalyst that mold our personality and make us what we are. It is... Continue Reading →

The Wake (Part 3)

"Stop. Just forget about her. She is a goner. Wake up." "Have you lost your conscious?" Qyng pointed at the text. "Why didn't you let go earlier? She put you through peril. And she is not worth the wait." I... Continue Reading →

The Wake (Part 2)

Putting it bluntly I was being an asshole wasting a year and half on counterfeit love. I sat there dumbfounded by the naked truth that Foo had revealed to my deluded mind. Knowing the truth was always painful but being... Continue Reading →

The Wake

"Cut the chase, Yang." Qyng drowsily mumbled. It was 3 a.m. in the wee hours of the day, the room was filled with excitement but hindered with exhaustion due to the awesome performance that we had in Singapore. "Yalorr, don't... Continue Reading →


The world we lived in is enormous and hoards a colossal amount of wisdom, knowledge and enigmas which await us to discover and to efficaciously imply them to enhance our day-to-day life. If we surmise that the knowledge and the... Continue Reading →

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