Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.


August 2016


MERDEKA!!! The day when the Malaysians united and triumphed over this independent ground of Malaysia. The day when the blood, sweat and tears of the patriots finally paid off in the form of freeing Malaysia from the bondage of outside... Continue Reading →


Trial Examination

Tick. Tock. The hour¬†hand was swaying in circles with tremendous speed, the numbers of the date increased unknowingly, months became days, days turned to hours, hours finally broken down to seconds. I was here, beads of sweat rolling down my... Continue Reading →


A Malaysian who used a racket illuminated hearts of millions, united all of them. A Chinese who uses a racket to rival with the Malaysian their clashes emblazoned the magnificence of badminton 2008 Olympics, they clashed. Lin was victorious, Lee... Continue Reading →

First Crush (Part 3)

"Penndragon... Please don't kill me..." Anxiety crept into my voice, "I'm about to ask you a very serious question." "Don't worry," Her face is filled with curiosity, "Just spit it out." I took a deep breath, "Do you... remember about... Continue Reading →


Yang: Remember about holistic? ūüôā I am waiting for you in Canada, Waterloo! Angeline The tattered card was stained with spots of yellowish-brown at the corner of it, the card had lost its turgidity but its intrinsic value was emblazoned... Continue Reading →

First Crush (Part 2)

Annual School's Sports day was pages off the calendar, I overheard that Penndragon was involved in cheerleading for purple house. I was in purple house too,¬†What a coincidence,¬†I thought,¬†this is a golden opportunity, I need to do something. During some... Continue Reading →

First Crush (Part 1)

"Yang, remember,¬†do not date¬†until you can earn a living,¬†if not..." Mom's stern words still buzzed in my head and acted as a deterrent to not fall in love with anybody. However, Murphy's law is true, these words were only meager... Continue Reading →


Murphy's law states that things that may go wrong will go wrong. Even the most stoical person may break after countless grueling storms; even those with bovine calmness may be frantic when their fears overwhelm them; even the most patient... Continue Reading →

Fighting for Loved Ones or Passion?

Family institutions are the most fundamental building blocks of the society since time immemorial because humans are social beings. We are designated to communicate and interact among each other to ensure our survival. It is plausible to say that everyone... Continue Reading →

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