Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.


September 2016

Little Walk in The Forest (Finale)

A tumultuous roar of thunder rattled the cave. Clatters of debris of the cave were prominent. "The cave is falling apart!" I shouted. We sprinted to grab Anne and our bags. "Leave our bags behind, its too heavy, take what... Continue Reading →


Little Walk in The Forest (Pt.2)

A tumultuous roar resounded in the forest followed by a deafening shriek which was definitely not from a living thing. Anne was still in a bewitched condition and Mike shrugged to the ground in fear. "Guys! Pull yourselves together. Looks... Continue Reading →

Little Walk in The Forest. (Pt.1)

"Lemme ask you once more... lifeĀ or death?" Its familiar but malevolent gaze was fixated on my eyes which radiated a dying will to live. My phone rang and vibrated violently on the table top. I lazily got off the cushion... Continue Reading →

Should Parents Allow Their Teenagers to Work with Opposite Gender?

Humans have an innate nature which is to congregate in groups to ensure the survivor of our species. Humans are also regarded as social beings because communication is of utmost importance to sustain the survival of our species. If there... Continue Reading →

Movie Time

Afferent neurones transmit electrical impulses to the interneurones. Then, the interneurones will pass the signals up to the integrating centre situated at.... "Hey, Yang." Bacon jolted me from my study. "Oh." I placed the book back to the shelf, "Hey,... Continue Reading →

Falling in

"Creak." "Creak." Staring into the four walls filled with mementos, portraits of us that were yellowed, the silverware that were corroded, the lines that etched on the walls, the coffee table stained with memoirs, the house and its intrinsic value,... Continue Reading →


"Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you..." A high pitched tone resounded through the cathedral, turning it into a prison of perpetual silence. I was dwelling in the presence of the Lord but the screech disrupted... Continue Reading →

Hope. Joy..

Dear Lerr: Heyyy, hope you read this until the end, and hope that we still can be like 'normal' again. These few months had been quite awkward for me, I felt like between us there was an invisible wall made... Continue Reading →

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