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October 2016


Yayyyy!!! This is the 50th post for the blog. THANK YOU!!! A big shout-out to all the readers who spend some precious time to read my posts. It is my honour and privilege to write for you. Another thank you... Continue Reading →


Time Flies

The days of the retirement of our seniors was pages off the calendar, the impending onus to shoulder the post of being the pianist of the choir was delegated by the seniors to me. I was not prepared, I was... Continue Reading →

Coloured Hearts (Finale)

It was Saturday, the training was grueling as usual, my goal keeping skills skyrocketed, I performed outstandingly in the previous group match that brought the team to the quarter-finals, so the coach stopped barking at me. There was three or... Continue Reading →

Coloured Hearts (Part 5)

"If you want to leave early to see your girl, hand me your gloves." the coach said sternly to me in front of everybody during the start of the training. A concoction of anger and bashfulness rushed through my brain,... Continue Reading →

Coloured Hearts (Part 4)

The pitch in the King's institution was bathing in the morning sun, the team was practicing for the on-going State Trophy, we were kicked out during the first or second round for the past few years, mostly it was because of... Continue Reading →

A Rivalry, A Bond Formed.

"Yuh Dong, go write yours on the board." Sir asked, I was utterly unsatisfied with that request. When he finished writing on the board, I analysed his work and mine. Why was my writing not qualified? Was it erroneous? How... Continue Reading →

Coloured Hearts (Part 3)

I felt my legs shaking, "Brian! Your Monday training!" I turned to look at the electronic clock, 06:31. Tadashi stood by my bed. "Crap." I uttered under my breath and scurried out to train. The sun was out, hanging at midway... Continue Reading →

Coloured Hearts (Part 2)

BEEP. BEEP. BE... my hand conscientiously slammed the electric alarm clock by my bed. 05:30. I scrambled to my feet, stretched my body, not a single ray of light had penetrated into the dorm room at the wee hours. Monday, my brain signaled me.... Continue Reading →

Coloured Hearts (Part 1)

The ball was pinned in front of me, right at the penalty spot, the tumultuous roars from the fans who were cheering and putting sheer pressure on me at the same time. The sun was shining right above me, sun... Continue Reading →

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