Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.


November 2016

Expecting Vs Hoping

It is primordial for humans to assume the outcomes of an event, to envisage the unpredictable future, to make hackneyed statements about things that have not happened. People tend to assume and thus making them wearing a paranoid hat, overthinking... Continue Reading →


Silent Hunter

The south Indonesia sun was hanging at its apogee, the scorching heat made all of us perspired. I was covered in sweat after pushing a cart filled with bricks which were for the missionaries to rebuild the village which were... Continue Reading →


Information plays a vital role in every era of humanity. Without information, we will lack the savvy to do many things. During the stone age, people did not know how to defend themselves from wild beasts. Someone invented sharp stone... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day

Time flies... I thought as I combed my hair for the important occasion of the day- graduation. This signified that I had grown up, ready to face the real world awaiting for us, prepared to embrace life, putting up with... Continue Reading →

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