Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.


January 2017

All We Don’t Know (Part.2)

It was an ordinary lift, but it transported us around 100 metres below sea level based on the velocity that the lift was traveling. I did the calculations in my head to keep my head off the painful reality that... Continue Reading →


Coming Home

The door swung open with the scent of familiarity, it was perfumed with subtle incense which was permeated from the vicinity of the deity's altar, dimly lit with a single bulb hanging in the middle of the room which enlightened... Continue Reading →

All We Don’t Know. (Part. 1)

There was a single thread of light, the only speck of brightness that enlightened the cell. The crammed walls of the cell made me feel claustrophobic. The chains were still intact to my arms, pinning me down on my knees... Continue Reading →


"Amma! Wa Lai Liao!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as I approached my grandma's house. "Amma..." my voice trailed off, I drew a blank of her demise a year ago. I stood there staring at my grandma's... Continue Reading →

Shalom (Finale)

"This is going nowhere John." the grumpy voice said. "Everytime, you showed your ass up and tell me all these demotivating shit." the first voice had lost himself. "Boys. Don't quarrel." the calm female voice tried to fan off the... Continue Reading →

Shalom (Three)

I was back in a dark room. An archaic wooden chair was placed in the midst of darkness. The sad recognition of the demise of my family hurt my heart so much. I did not feel like moving a muscle,... Continue Reading →

Shalom (Two)

I closed my eyes to embrace whatever that was going to happen for the next moment. "Turn it up to 100 watts!  Or else she's going to die!" HMmmm, it was the first voice. "Doc, the defibrillator ready." The calming... Continue Reading →

Three Years

The pixels of my smartphone were showing the mandatory news feed from my friends on the social media. I had no interest in what they were doing with their lives, only a few catchy ones I would shed some attention... Continue Reading →

Counterfeit Passion and How to Use It.

Working is mandatory in this contemporary. Everybody works, no matter rain or shine, day or night, one would not stop working. People toil in blood, sweat, and tears when they are working because they have their own reasons either personally... Continue Reading →

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