Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.


February 2017


Path of life Undulated, meandering, Paved with peril, Leading us into bedraggled wretch Where all hopes dissipate. Agents of hope, Saviours disguised in flesh, Coated in white, Akin to the faintest, Resplendent flicker in absolute darkness, For the ill to... Continue Reading →



Her lavender smell pervaded the suspension of stale air, her tresses tingled against my face, the warmth of her skin, the subcutaneous heat was disseminated across my forlorn soul, acting as the brazier of fire on a cold, brutal winter... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossomed (Finale)

Teressa, reporting into service, operation Omega, code number-0331, target locked down, Jason, not much information acquired, physical, 1.75 metres in height, bald, sinewy, random dressing style, no pattern detected, no information attained about the convoy, all seemed normal. Signing out,... Continue Reading →

Rhythm On The Field

The tumultuous crowd was cheering for me as I was going to make a save that would elevate my team to the finals. Bup bum, bump... The palpitating heartbeat, the clamour of noises from the stadium, made my stomach lurched.... Continue Reading →


Circumspect as I was, astute as I act, I was hiding in a malodorous, dingy berth where the enemy's camp was set up. A vestige of me might set them out, hunting me, a single vanguard in a fortified fortress... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossomed (Part 3)

Today is the day, three banal years had passed, time to listen to her last words. The Walkman was in my hands, I plugged in the earphones into it, and it did not turn on, I forgot to charge it.... Continue Reading →


Resplendence in the waning glow of the dreariest nights, I was haunted by the undaunted ebony figure that silhouetted above me, engulfing me in his unimpeachable and unbreakable grip. I cocooned at the furthest corner of my mattress, confiding myself... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossomed (Part 2)

As we walked out of the cubicle, I felt something wet and sticky when my hands were striding across her slender back, she felt heavier. I lifted my hand, blood started to coagulate at my hand. I pushed her off... Continue Reading →

What Is Love?

Waiting. Never a pleasant one, but it has become mandatory, a custom that is honed by Malaysians greatly, we prefer to do things slowly because we want to assure the best result will be culminated from this elongated process of... Continue Reading →

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