The tinge of the dawn kissed the sombre sky of the wee hours. I was sitting at the passengers’ seat to go to my restaurant job for the last day.

My thoughts were still foggy as the atmosphere outside, my conscience as groggy as the breaking of dawn. My mum swerved to the small road where a throng of aunties were doing ‘qi gong’ in the middle of the road.

They moved away reluctantly as my mum drove past them while apologising to them which was inane because the road belongs to the public, mainly for vehicles. However, there was this preposterous aunty shouted at us, “No brain ah? Reverse lah sohai!”

My mum held her composure, continued to drive forth, neglecting the puerile, truculent aunty. Leaving the scene as soon as possible.

“Do ‘qi gong’ needs to have a calm mind, the stupid aunty come and scold us, don’t do ‘qi gong’ lah! The road not your one also.” She cursed as she drove me to work.

P.S. FEB 2017
the puerile, inane aunty.