A Letter To Students In Schools

Dear Fighters of a Better Tomorrow:

You are not alone, there is always us. Although it was your mom that forced you to attend school whether you liked it or not, you could be doing homeschooling, you could have been better off studying at home alone. But, since it is done, you are in school. Then, make the best out of it, every single second.

Make memories with friends, make friends with memories; have a crush on someone, have a someone crush on you; be a teacher’s student, be a teacher’s teacher, be a student’s student, be a student’s teacher, be a learner; be a participant of an activity, make an activity your participant; do not break the school rules, let the school rules break your misdemeanor; do things that you would regret, and do not regret on things that have not been done; study smart, never study hard.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg, school is a place for you to foster relationships, and discipline yourself, never an actual place to get educated academically. Make the best and the worst out of these years, experiment with whatever you want, but never landing yourselves in hot soot by knowing your boundaries well in the long arms of law. 

Attend concerts; ask your crush out for prom; pull a prank on the new kid on the block; get the taste of spending your parents’ money ruthlessly; drive a car underage; watch movies; learn something new; learn a new skill; do sports with your friends; make friends with everyone; do not be an asshole; be a someone in school as a remembrance of the afteryears of school.

These are just mere things. Nothing more that I could do would surpass you, yes, I am talking to you, to the ones who are reading this as a student, have the spirit of excellence, have the grit, and abstain from all vices at all costs, never succumb to anything prematurely, cogitate before leaping into anything, use the brain that you have, do not waste it. 

A last word for you, make the best out of yourselves in school, train yourselves there to be a better person, harness the grittiness inside you, learn, be disciplined, make friends, that’s all. Make your mark wherever you go. Leave behind a spring of hopes as an inspiration for the younger generation to lead on. 

Good luck for SPM students, STPM students, PT3 students, IGCSE students, A-level students, IB students, all students in general who are starting or in the process or ending school.


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