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Maths is Beautiful

Disclaimer: This is posted already as a guest post, but I just wanted to post it here as a remembrance of this post. What... My brain took some time to digest the question, it was associated with one of the... Continue Reading →

Update and Appreciation (100th post)

Thank you! Really thank you, without you, readers, friends, commentators, passersby, anyone who had clicked into my blog, I will not have the smouldering ardour to keep on writing. To all the followers, you mean a lot to me, all... Continue Reading →


"Amma! Wa Lai Liao!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as I approached my grandma's house. "Amma..." my voice trailed off, I drew a blank of her demise a year ago. I stood there staring at my grandma's... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: The Day I Decided My Future

It is my utmost privilege and honour to have Jess Wen from Daring To Jess as my first guest blogger! To check out my first guest post on her blog, please kindly head over to her website. Enjoy! When I... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day

Time flies... I thought as I combed my hair for the important occasion of the day- graduation. This signified that I had grown up, ready to face the real world awaiting for us, prepared to embrace life, putting up with... Continue Reading →


Yayyyy!!! This is the 50th post for the blog. THANK YOU!!! A big shout-out to all the readers who spend some precious time to read my posts. It is my honour and privilege to write for you. Another thank you... Continue Reading →

Update and Appreciation

Tweeentyyy-ooonnneee This is another one of my favourite numbers because of the sound of the number and its one of the many multiples of number seven. Vanossgaming is the youtube channel which captivated me to like this number because of... Continue Reading →

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