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Guest Post: The Day I Decided My Future

It is my utmost privilege and honour to have Jess Wen from Daring To Jess as my first guest blogger! To check out my first guest post on her blog, please kindly head over to her website. Enjoy! When I... Continue Reading →

Exam month

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) is one of the most crucial examinations in a Malaysian life, most of the parents are constantly on their toes about this examination, most of the students are also keeping their heads up for this exam,... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day

Time flies... I thought as I combed my hair for the important occasion of the day- graduation. This signified that I had grown up, ready to face the real world awaiting for us, prepared to embrace life, putting up with... Continue Reading →

A Rivalry, A Bond Formed.

"Yuh Dong, go write yours on the board." Sir asked, I was utterly unsatisfied with that request. When he finished writing on the board, I analysed his work and mine. Why was my writing not qualified? Was it erroneous? How... Continue Reading →

Movie Time

Afferent neurones transmit electrical impulses to the interneurones. Then, the interneurones will pass the signals up to the integrating centre situated at.... "Hey, Yang." Bacon jolted me from my study. "Oh." I placed the book back to the shelf, "Hey,... Continue Reading →

Trial Examination

Tick. Tock. The hour┬áhand was swaying in circles with tremendous speed, the numbers of the date increased unknowingly, months became days, days turned to hours, hours finally broken down to seconds. I was here, beads of sweat rolling down my... Continue Reading →

Choir Life. The End.

Mesmerised by the clear blue sky, without a speck of cloud, letting the run radiated its light unto the school. Standing near to the choir room, waiting for my last practice with the bunch of awesome choir members. The wrenching... Continue Reading →

Polar Opposites

Useless piece of trash. Always dreaming of being the best but not doing jack shit about it. There are mountains higher than you imagined. These inferior thoughts intermittently hindered my cognitive senses due to the failure during the Maths competition... Continue Reading →

The Wake (Part 3)

"Stop. Just forget about her. She is a goner. Wake up." "Have you lost your conscious?" Qyng pointed at the text. "Why didn't you let go earlier? She put you through peril. And she is not worth the wait." I... Continue Reading →

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