Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



War Torture

tong. tong. tong. tong. The intermittent gasps between sweet silence were meagre, tong. tong, tong, tong. perennial it was, I had to deal with the clatters of cacophony. I was chained to the cold hard ground as a war victim, there was nothing... Continue Reading →

Paper Plane Pursuit

"Weeeee!!!!" the shrills of the frolicking children in the park, some on the carousel, spinning their time away with fun laughter; some on the swings, flying as high as they could touch the fluffy dragon-shaped clouds; some were sliding down... Continue Reading →

Providential, Never Confidential.

Monstrous sub-zero nights, squalls of wind shadowed the throes of the darkness, the lamp post was the singular light that shone a dimmed vision for us. I pulled my brother as close to me as possible, swilling away the cold... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Humanity

Are we doing the right thing? Are we building the desirable future? Are we treating people the way that we should? Are we thinking straight? Are we still humans? No. We have swerved way off from our tracks. Modern advancement... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Her

I just don't know how to start off this letter, you made me clogged in my writing to you and what to speak when meeting you, I am so lost on how to face you. I felt dejected day after... Continue Reading →

Nian (Finale)

'Black powder' acquired, now a torch. My focus span broke at the moment when the bellows of the tiled beasts shaken the vicinity of the village, my grip on the trees slipped, and I fell a few feet away from... Continue Reading →


It had been six months since I last sat in front of the piano, I did not have time, an excuse. After watching a series of anime- Your Lie in April, the sole reason behind every pianist to play the piano... Continue Reading →

Nian (Part 7)

The season of reaping had fallen in a heartbeat, the villagers were living their trite life, never breaking apart from the banality. They took my brother's words lightly, and the time had come, the roar of the hare-like beast and... Continue Reading →

Nian (Part 6)

As I woke up, I saw his ebony figure standing by the opening of the hut that we lived in. "Xi. I'm glad that you are awake." He spoke with his back towards me. "I think I should not fill... Continue Reading →

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