Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



Waves of Sand

Gentle waves of water broke at the hem of my track pants, the sandy wind grazed past my eyes, some of it was reluctant to leave me, my hands had to rub them away, squinting my eyes shut to generate... Continue Reading →


“The Little Girl Survived.”

"Get this girl in the car!" I hustled the driver, "She's DYING!" my tone was at the brink of breaking. "We can't." He shook his head in an Indonesian vogue, even his tongue was,"the nearest hospital is to cross the... Continue Reading →

Vincit Qui Patitur

This had occurred to me years ago, four maybe, it was being hit by something, an immeasurable force, a 'kick' straight up my ass, precisely surging me with the unstoppable urge to do something, to get off my laziness to... Continue Reading →

Unstoppable Together

Four of them- Determination, Perseverance, Courage, Faith, were friends of the paralytic man. They did whatever they could to save the paralytic man, but to no avail. When all hope was waning into non-existence, there was this rumour that He... Continue Reading →


Darkness was my boat, sailing in the sea of light, I was the only patch of stain on the glistening stretch of light. On a big scale, I was just a grain of sand compared to the beach, I was... Continue Reading →

Unstoppable Faith

I need to meet this man, He is the healer of all things.¬†She crawled on the streets where He would pass by, she was the woman with blood issues, visited countless physicians and lost all her money to them, He... Continue Reading →

You Are A Mustard Seed of Miracles

Share some love to this ardent, pundit photographer and his brilliant post idea by visiting and follow his Instagram:  key_to_kye Full length photo below: It is conspicuous that there are too many bad things- vices- and way too little good... Continue Reading →

Sebuah Surat Kepada Rakyat Malaysia (A Letter to Malaysians)

Saya merupakan anak Malaysia, ataupun tidak? Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya kurang bergaul dengan kaum lain, ataupun 'kaum lain' hanya kami klasifikasikan sahaja? Adakah rakyat Malaysia berbilang kaum ataupun hanya ada satu kaum sahaja- Malaysian? Jikalau berbilang kaum bersatu, kami akan... Continue Reading →

War Token

The bombshells were prepped in the base of the Germans, Steve and Gal were the underdogs, the undercover, the last hand sent by the Great Britain, to end the war to stop all wars, to stop the war that would... Continue Reading →

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