Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.

Stating My Mind

A mess, A literal cesspool of thoughts, An empty shell filled with ignorance, An indubitable hollow feeling. Consumed by temptations, Eaten by expectations, Devoured by ecstasies, Swarmed by fantasies. Losing myself slowly, Uncontrolled, Unfettered, I'm tired. The devil Lurks around... Continue Reading →



Pacing myself through the aperture, the usual chills from the internal and external, I was worried about being worried about what was going to happen. Don't think so much. I told myself, it would only lead me to dire straits. As... Continue Reading →


Chinese New Year is a time to keep in touch with the long lost relatives, especially the older ones. They are the ones that keep the intrinsic meaning of Chinese New Year alive among the members in the family tree,... Continue Reading →

What Is Love?

There was two men- friends, one was heeding for advice, one was the listener. The man began to share, "I had fell in love three times in my life." the listener nodded his head, paying close attention, "But, none of... Continue Reading →


I was laying down on my bed, scrolling endless through my phone, waiting for time to pass. My conscience was defeated by the banality of life, I became tired of life. The battle with myself was great, I was consumed... Continue Reading →


"Stop playing games." I told myself, repeatedly, "Study." my mind was crunching as hard as possible, craving for the sweet sweet dopamine and the constant rush of adrenaline that games could provide more efficiently than studying. I was battling this... Continue Reading →

In A Flash

I breathed. I cried. I gasped for the air of life, instantly enrolling myself a death warrant. Little did I knew about death at this nascent stage of my progress. Wreathed in the warmth of the affection of my parents,... Continue Reading →

When We Were Young

I was sitting by the tarred ground, a bottle in my hand, sober and tired with reality. My vision was twirling in fantastic patterns, the alcohol was working wonders on me, making a temporal escape for me. The streets lights... Continue Reading →

How Do I Tell You?

Weaved by her- a wondrous, awesome and stunning writer. Share some love to her by visiting her Twitter : @DarthErica How do I tell you? Sometimes I sit and wonder. Every time I try, Somehow I always blunder. How do... Continue Reading →

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