Reflection of Nothingness

I was standing in a superstructure of pure white, specklessly white. The voices of the dramatic choir blew my eardrums, deluging the room with a grandiose uumph, leaving me realising that I was singularly here, not knowing what to expect, knowing my purpose of life which was close to nothing.

Choosing to move was my choice, I released myself from the perpetual standstill in space-time, reckoning that I could do something better with myself. The choir was blaring with foreign language, not a single word could be understood by me, they sang with no dynamics but filled with colours of their voices.

Breathing seamlessly in this realm, I lifted up my head, skimmed the surroundings, nothing was different. I stared at the ground, at my foot, at my palms, at my very soul, seeing a hollowed out figure, as if I was resting in absolute peace, but not dead yet, only being wearied down by the various fits of life had to offer me.

Marching into an unending pathway to nothingness, I saw myself pacing into my direction. I paced myself slowly, meeting myself for the very first time in a long time. My reflection was anguish, pallid, deaden by the dread of life, dark circles wreathed my sleepless eyes, hunched slightly due the pressure.

“Are you really me?” I blurted out nonchalantly. A deep laugh rumbled in my stomach, resonating the indefinite sarcasm that I had. I burst out in laughter whereas my reflection stood still. It was outlandish, meeting a dead me, staring right into my soul, questioning what I would do to negate this future with only a death’s glare.

A split in time, a fracture in space, left both us with no answers, as life itself had no absolute solution, and what we do or not would indirectly or directly affect our future. Both of me merged into a single body, darting back into the standstill position where nothingness and the meaning of life was the most prominent hanging in the still air.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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